Welcome to Outdoor Adventures with the Kids! This blog is a chronicle of all of our outdoor moments and days out.

I’m Annelise and I am Mum to 10557472_10152195054145213_9148146664109672811_nTom & Charlotte and wife of Bob and the four of us love being outdoors. We aren’t sporty, or a poster family for health and fitness, but we are enthusiastic and  that makes a massive difference.

I started this blog because I know that peoples lives on the internet look amazing. Generally speaking, people only show the best parts of their day, or the nice photo from an other wise hellish trip on social media and it can distort what we feel we should be doing and make us question, “Do I measure up?” “How do they manage to be so perfect?” “I can barely get my kids dressed most days, how do they 10959623_10152567307005213_1090335401654753489_ndo it?”. Parents are particularly guilty of this (myself included) so I wanted to do a blog to represent what it is really like managing two children in public, or outdoors. The reason I chose to base the blog around our outdoor adventures is because not only is it a passion of ours, but also I found it difficult as a reader to find a relatable blog on this topic. All the ones I found were about health concious, fit people who completed triathlons. Ok, ok, I am exaggerating slightly, but it is how it made me feel as an active yet plus sized parent with arthritis.

In this blog you will find a few things, the main one being reviews of our days out. In these posts, you will find a fun rating, the level of tantrums had, cost, and things worth knowing to make your trip easier. I also put up w11705151_10152882678715213_7409768173821882736_nhich of the National Trusts 50 things to do before you are 11 and 3/4. As well as the reviews, you will  find posts about other things  such as events and festivals we attend, and mini adventures. On occasion I also post about kit we have found whether it be where to get decent plus size walking trousers, or perfect clothing and accessories for the kids.

Thanks to our recent move to the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria we have become spoilt for choice on where to venture out to at the weekend, but you don’t 12105893_10153021423645213_8720740841837020112_nhave to live in the countryside to enjoy the outdoors. We have mini adventures all the time that don’t cost anything and can be done anywhere in less than an hour.

The outdoors encourage kids to explore and to challenge themselve, to get mucky and know it’s ok. My son is convinced that one day he will be the next Steve Backshall, and my daughter refuses to be told what she is and isn’t able to do, revelling in proving people wrong. Getting outdoors helps them both to indulge in what they love as well as keeping them active, getting some fresh air and getting them away from the telly. We talk more as a family, we share experiences and work together to achieve little (or somethimes big) goals.


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