Northumberland… (Part 2)

There was a reason for our early start, we were going out to Holy Island to visit Lindisfarne. It’s somewhere I have wanted to visit for a long time and wanted to make the most of it. We got there for about 7am and walked the distance from the car park to the National Trust managed site. The building wasn’t open and wouldn’t be for a few hours so we decided to explore the grounds around it. Lindisfarne is a castle with a very distinctive look. The castle itself is cut off from the mainland by the tide twice a day and is raised up high on a hill. It can be easily identified from a distance and really creates a sense of grandeur when you see it.

We walked up the path to the castle and looked at the views across the island. We saw an enormous seal colony (which got us really excited for the next days activities) and did a touch of bird spotting. We wandered down to the abandoned Lime Kilns and stacked pebbles on the beach and sea barrier. Afterwards we headed up the walled garden by which time the weather and temperature was improving and we could see people starting to arrive. We headed off and joined the queue to enter the castle. There was an Easter egg hunt on inside the castle so the kids joined in answering questions about the property as we went around it. There were some stunning pieces of furniture in the castle and magnificent views from the terrace.

After a good long look around, we left, the kids grabbed their prizes as we left. We walked back through the village and then back to the car. It was only early but for us it had been a long day. Back at the holiday park we went back down to the beach before heading out for more arcade play and to another disco.


The next day was the most exciting day of all. We were going on a boat trip to the Farne Islands and having a stop and walk around on Inner Farne. We were on the lookout for seals and Puffins (although we were a little early for them) and everybody was really looking forward to it. We headed to Seahouses to board our boat that would take us out for the morning. Remember I said I got travel sick? Well the same applies to boats. Unpleasant but it soon passed, that or the first seal sighting snapped me out of it. There were so many of them and they were absolutely stunning. The kids were on a real high having spent the whole journey laughing at the water spluttering from behind the boat as it went.

After watching the seals for a while the boat continued on the Inner Farne, one of the larger Farne Islands and the only one that is inhabited. The National Trust have rangers live here for several months of the year to manage the properties, give tours and keep an eye of the bird populations. On the island is a chapel, St Cuthbert’s which has some beautiful furniture inside and a stunning stained glass window. We followed the paths and kept our eyes peeled as we walked around hoping to find some Puffins. Unfortunately today was not our day (much to Charlotte’s disappointment) but we did find some nesting Shags.

We had a picnic and then got back on the boat to head back to the mainland. We did eventually see a Puffin enjoying itself floating on the sea which really pleased a certain little one. If ever you are in this part of the country go on one of these trips. It was worth every penny and I know ti is something we will be talking about for a long time yet.

We headed back to the caravan and disco. The next day we went swimming early again before packing up the car and heading home. This was a fantastic holiday and we all had a really great time. We spent a lot of time together rather than mute in front of the telly and I can’t wait to do it again.


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