Northumberland… (Part 1)

It was important for me this year for us to go on a holiday. It’s not something we have really done before (apart from a long weekend in Centre Parcs) but I wanted us to spend some time together and have a lot of fun so we booked Haven at Berwick-Upon-Tweed. We used to go to Butlins when I was little and I always remember having a good time so I felt like I knew what to expect with a holiday park. We planned a route that included a stop at some relatives and Hadrians Wall.


It was a long but uneventful journey and eventually we arrived at Housesteads a Roman Fort on Hadrians Wall. It was a great stop for a picnic and to stretch our legs. It’s a good walk from the entrance to the fort itself but worth it. It is huge and there is plenty of information about the individual areas that have been excavated. The kids particularly found the old toilets funny! There is a gift shop and video showing how the fort may have looked when it was in use.


After lunch we headed back on the road up to Berwick. The kids had been super excited about this holiday and when we finally reached the holiday park they were completely giddy!

We checked in and moved into our caravan and were pleasantly surprised by how spacious it was. My main concern about staying in a caravan was how small the caravan would be so it was a massive relief.

wp-1472134030923.jpgIt was quite late by the time we arrived but Tommy and Charlotte had been told about the discos they have and weren’t going to miss it for the world so we grabbed something to eat quickly and headed to the centre to see what was on.

wp-1472134343268.jpgThey were all dressed up and were very excited (honest!). They danced around and played some games while I tried to drown the noise out. I don’t cope well with organised fun and ‘entertainment’. I admire the people who put on the shows but they make me really uncomfortable when I watch them, but I did enjoy watching the kids having so much fun! They even had a photo with their favourite characters of the night. Tom looks so proud!

wp-1472134030921.jpgThe next day we went swimming (they both loved the water slides) and headed into town to have a look around Berwick. It’s a lovely looking city full of history and stunning architecture. After a bit of shopping we headed back for some lunch and down to the beach for a walk. Near the park is a sandy cove which Charlotte loved hunting for shells in. The ran up and down the break water (with our help of course) and watched the waves crashing in. Later on we headed to the arcade to play some games and have a go on some rides. It turns out my two are as terrible with a 2p machine as I am. Many teddy machine attempts and basketball games later we opted for a slightly earlier night as we had an early start the following day.



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