High (and low) Dam…

Inspiration and got out. Inspiration comes from the strangest places. The inspiration to visit High Dam came from a customer in the bakery my Mum works in. There is an elderly chap who visits the Lake District regularly with his wife and has done for many years. Over the weeks and months that my Mum has worked in the bakery, they have spoke and when he found out we had moved to Cumbria he started recommending places for us to visit.

So, looking for somewhere to go at the weekend I remembered my Mum mentioning High Dam. I had a look and realised it isn’t that far from where we live. We also had nursery bat this week and Charlotte wanted to make sure he saw “EVERYTHING”.

Everyone dressed, picnic made and bag packed and off we went. With little difficulty we found the car park tucked away half way up a fairly steep hill. The car parking pay meter wasn’t working but fortunately for us some of the LDNP workers drove up to empty the machine. I don’t feel comfortable not paying for places like this and it annoys me when I see people willfully not paying because it’s the money from things like parking that keep places like this safely accessible to the public (rant over!).

Anyway, we started to walk up the hill and came to a fork in the road. The right side is fairly well cleared and straight forward, but the left side goes alongside the beck and is more wild. We let the kids decide and as we figured wild won!

The kids were having fun looking in the crags and nooks of the rocks and dead, fallen tree trunks and logs, but I spotted this bridge and loved the message it gave. 3a

An inscription on the bridge read something along the lines of “Seans bridge, “Welcome to my office”. Anyway after scrambling around the beck and the rocks we eventually met up with the path near the top of the hill and the first view you are greeted with is magnificent.

After a quick rest we were ready to go to High dam and walk around it. A fair few other people had had the same idea as us and there were many people walking around. Tom had decided to take his camera with him and was eagerly taking photos of trees and plants. After a play on some logs we carried on walking further around the dam and up the hill at the side. There was a bench that was free and it made for the perfect picnic spot. The kids were starting to tire a little now but were reassured when they were told it was all downhill from here and that stone throwing awaited them back at low dam. Halfway back they found a rock to climb in the water which gave me and Bob a chance to admire the views.

Then disaster struck! We realised Tommy didn’t have his camera and we weren’t sure when we had last seen it. The only option was to walk back around the dam. As we were back at the start the boys decided to go back to the logs that we were playing on and see if it was there. Sure enough some kind person had spotted it and hung it on a nearby branch on the path.

Panic over.

Now to throw stones and look at fish!




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