A quick trip along the canal…

Unfortunately our long walks don’t happen as often as we’d like. Life gets in the way with birthday parties, family visits, shopping and jobs around the house, so we take advantage of an hour here or an hour there and try to use that time to get outside for a quick walk or play and the canal is perfect for just that.

I’ve written about the canal before, but I thought in this post I would go into a little more detail about the canal itself and the surrounding area.

It’s 1 mile in length, making itย  2 miles from one end to the other. One ends at a main road at the foot of Hoad Hill, and the other ends at the stunning canal foot with views extending out over Morecambe Bay and the Leven Estuary. Here you will also find a pub and some picnic tables.


The canal itself offers an array of wildlife in a very industrial setting. On the one side of the canal views stretch across farmland to the Hoad Monument and beyond, on the other side you’ll find Glaxo and some warehouses and factories. The canal itself is littered with references to it’s industrial past such as old bridges and towers from it’s days as a working port.

Anyway for little ones it offers enough interesting sites and although it’s proximity to open water may be of some concern, the nature of the canal being perfectly straight makes it relatively safe for the children to wander off a little further ahead. There are swans and swallows and even a resident cormorant to be spotted along with rabbits and hares. In the fields you’ll see horses and sheep and there is plenty of plant life too. At the base of the canal leading onto the shores of Morecambe Bay, herons and gulls can be spotted and the train can be spotted going over the water further up the estuary which the kids seem to find fascinating.

It’s as lovely a walk on a crisp winters day as it is on a hot sunny one. The Canal is looked after by the Ulverston Canal Regeneration Group.

They organise a wide range of activities and events throughout the year and often get the local school involved in projects such as flag fortnight and the anchor festival where the children make and decorate anchors that are then placed along the canal which the little ones love going to look at.




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