Icy beaches and snowy mountains…

It’s still really cold up here, but the sun is also shining making for some beautiful days. We decided to visit Sandscale Haws, a National Trust managed coastal nature reserve on the Duddon Estuary. It’s worth noting that the car park here is completely free, there are no toilets and there is no where to get a brew.

However, this beach may just have the best views of the whole of the UK coast. From here you can see right across the estuary, the Southern and Western fells and mountains of the Lake District and on a clear day (like today) you can even see the Isle of Man. Today the fells and mountains were still covered in a thick layer of snow and there was ice dotted around the beach. 10We walked alongside the sand dunes collecting shells and talking. The kids ran ahead of us, they were treating the walk like a bit of a treasure hunt with shells being the prize of the day. By the time we had walked for an hour or so, the tide had started to come in rapidly (the joys of living around Morecambe Bay), so we had a slightly more hurried walk back, however, there was no danger as a route over the sand dunes would have been an option if we had been caught out.


The kids paddled their way back wave jumping as they went. They were soaked, completely drenched! Back at the car, the kids were stripped and spent the short journey home in their pants.

A beautiful walk, stunning, weather and happy kids… Perfect.


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