I love snow… I mean really love it! Every year my fb page is filled with photos of my friends and family enjoying the snow, but living in Preston, we never got any. Ever.

Yesterday it started snowing while we were at Brockhole and it didn’t stop all night. We woke up this morning to a blanket of snow that was 4-5 inches deep. The kids got some sledges for Christmas so we suited up, grabbed them and headed out. I had it in my head where we would go if it ever snowed and it is Fell Foot park on Windermere. A National Trust place, it’s a great day out at the best of times, but in a field next door (that you can legally access) is a hill… perfect for sledging. I thought it might be a bit quieter than the big hill near our house.


We got there for around 10am and apart from another 4 or 5 families (in the whole park) it was empty. The kids took their sledges and stomped off ahead. We walked through the park and headed towards the field. There were some sheep in it, but that isn’t uncommon and they keep to themselves. We went straight to the hill and the kids ran to the top. I got to look after the bags but that suited me as I wanted to take some photos.

It was fantastic! They had a great time and so did we. We did everything we could think of. We built a giant snowman, made snow angels and had a snowball fight. One of the best mornings we have ever had outdoors. We got some fresh air, got a little exercise and had so much fun. It certainly tired out Charlotte but it was nice watching the kids playing and working together so nicely. They are great friends, but sometimes, it can be a battle ground possibly because they are so close in age (14 months apart).


Hope you got snow where you are!

Life Unexpected

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  1. What fantastic photos 🙂 and hurrah to being able to use sledges! #whatevertheweather

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  2. Oh wow, what beautiful snow pictures – and love how colourful you’re site is #whatevertheweather

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  3. chloelifeunexpected says:

    Your photos are so unbelievably stunning!!!! Look at all that snow. It’s so nice they get on (most of the time). It must be so nice for them to have each other to play with. What fun you had in the snow. I am so insanely jealous. We never get snow in Cornwall. Evie is seriously missing out on this fun. I’m tempted to go on a staycation somewhere so we can play in it too. It looks like you really made the most. Thank you for sharing your adventure on #whatevertheweather x

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  4. Jenny says:

    That’s lovely that they get on so well in the snow, my two are 2years and 4 months apart and can often fight, but get on well at other times. I think it comes with having to share everything (including parents attention!). It looks like they had a great time in the snow, love that sledges, do they blow up?
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


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