Climbing and Brockhole…

Today we had Tom booked in for his first climbing class at the Lakeland Climbing Centre. Unfortunately due to the recent Cumbrian flooding, many of the routes across the river in Kendal are closed and it took us over an hour of driving round Kendal to find the centre. Eventually when we got there we were half an hour late, but the staff at the centre couldn’t have been more understanding. He was able to join the class and got to experience climbing using a harness and the various different types of walls.

I honestly thought he would be up the walls like a shot, with a few nerves until he realised he couldn’t fall because he was clipped in. Turns out his nerves got the better of him and while his confidence had improved over the half an hour that we were there, I can see that it will take a good few more sessions before he feels truly comfortable. He did love it though, and lets face it, that’s the most important thing.


After a quick brew in the cafe we headed to Brockhole for a picnic and a walk. It was freezing! We have had picnics in the cold before, but this was definitely the coldest one we have ever had. While we were eating, one of the tree top workers passed us and recommended a path that leads down to a secluded part of the lake, perfect for a stone throwing session.


We wandered down and after a really short amount of time it started snowing. We decided to get on with our walk as the snow was getting heavier and headed towards the boat dock. By the time we reached the horses, the snow was falling heavily and after the problems we had had at Devoke water and getting the car stuck, Bob was eager to get back in case he couldn’t get the car up the hill out of the car park. The snow was settling and by the time we reached the car park, there was a good inch on the floor.


We came home and had a massive snowball fight and built a teeny snowman. Hopefully the snow will settle overnight, if it does, we’re going sledging.



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