So long 2015, we’re ready for 2016 now!

Happy New Year!

Well that was… interesting. In the space of 12 months we went through a lot as a family. We moved house twice, once was a big move to Cumbria and a new start for all of us.

We began the year with a big walk up Rivington Pike and unbeknownst towpid-img_20141230_211102.jpg us, it started off something of an obsession. We always enjoyed the outdoors as a family, sticking to local woods or nature reserves, but this was the year we got more adventurous. We tackled some small fells and completed our hike up Loughrigg Fell for Children in Need in October. Both Tommy and Charlotte have really embraced this healthier way of living, and we have seen them grow and challenge themselves. Tom started off the year with a nervousness around heights, but now he takes 12122851_10153021424945213_2766011085367167238_non climbing walls without a second thought. Charlotte started off walking very short distances but has built up her stamina and now she focuses on completing a route without help.

It’s been good for us as parents too. We have learned to let go a little and let the kids take risks that before would have made us nervous. We are more focused (which considering we both procrastinate terribly is a 11949478_10152954519855213_5356150555520751106_nmarvel) and our fitness levels and health has improved dramatically.

The move has taken some getting used to as we were well settled where we used to live, but it’s gone so smoothly considering we had less than a months notice about it. Bob is happier in his work, and the children have settled well at their new school.

So what’s in store for us in 2016?

More walking! Tom has repeatedly told us he wants to walk up Coniston Old Man and this year I would like to see that happen. I would like us to try and challenge ourselves more and (continued good health pending) achieve some small goals. I would like to become more proficient with my camera also, as taking pictures is something I really enjoy doing. We also have a family holiday to Berwick which I am really looking forward to. This year I would like to visit friends that have gone unvisited for too long. I am a terrible friend and I don’t make enough effort to stay in contact but I hope to make amends this year.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! And if your 2015 didn’t quite go as you had hoped, turn the page and start anew. Put it behind you and try to move forward. I couldn’t have imagined where 2015 would have taken us last January, and I’m guessing this year won’t go as planned either, but I do plan on making the most of what comes.

All the best for 2016…



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