Tarn Hows…

This Christmas we planned to do a lot of walking but unfortunately for us all the storms and flooding have stopped us in our tracks. There was a slight break however on Monday so we decided to complete another miles without stiles walk and chose Tarn Hows, somewhere I had wanted to go for a while. We headed out in the afternoon (fairly late for us)and after avoiding a slight flood, arrived at about 2.30 We bundled up and started walking. The tarn is the perfect size for a wander, taking about an hour to do a full circuit and as it is paved, it’s perfect for little legs or people with mobility difficulties. It had been a fairly dry 48 hours so there weren’t so many puddles and there was even a spot of blue sky. The kids were very excited having suffered from a bit of cabin fever in the run up to, and during Christmas.

The water was particularly still adding to the beauty of the tarn. There were a lot of people out walking but I think we must have been one of the last groups heading round. We saw a Robin almost instantly (there’s always a Robin) which is always nice because it has become a little bit of a running joke in our family.

About 1/3 of the way round, I spotted one of the most incredible sunsets and wanted to reach the top of the tarn to photograph it with my new camera. We decided that it would also make a perfect snack stop for the kids. After a speedy walk we reached the top and just in time too. Not only did I manage to take some nice photo’s, the kids managed to eat all of the savoury biscuits I had packed and we even got to take some nice family photo’s. While walking around the back of the bench to stand behind the little ones, Charlotte stepped backwards and fell off the bench landing on her bum. Out came the chocolate fingers (left over from Christmas)to console her and within a few minutes, all was forgotten. Tom was having a whale of a time. The path winds around and goes over small hills and he loves running to the top of them to see what’s on the other side.

After more photo’s (Bob and the kids must have the patience of saints!) we realised that it was quickly getting dark. We had brought torches just in case and were well wrapped up but wanted to make it back before dusk turned to night. Due to our late start however, and maybe the excitement of Christmas, Charlotte started flagging and didn’t want to walk anymore, but, like a trooper she carried on. We even spotted some bats flying around on the last part of the walk.trees
Later than planned, and muddy we arrived back to the car. The kids stripped their snow suits off and enjoyed the journey back home in their underwear with blankets wrapped around them. I don’t know about them but I can’t wait to go back, maybe a little earlier next time though.

Life Unexpected

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  1. chloelifeunexpected says:

    Your photos are so stunning. What a beautiful sunset and so well timed. Good old chocolate fingers for making everything so much better. I love that tree with the coins in. You really do live in such a stunning area. Thank you for sharing your adventure on #whatevertheweather x


  2. Jenny says:

    Stunning photographs! Sometimes it’s nice to be out at a different time of day, we’re normally out in the morning, but it is lovely to get out a but later to see the sunset and look for wildlife. Must have been mild for bats to be flying around atm, I wonder where their hibernation roost is there?
    Thank slouch for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


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