Bubbles and Birkrigg Common…

It was one of those weekends this weekend. We had a birthday party to go to on Saturday (which was fab) and a bit of shopping and sorting. On moon copy etsySunday it was more of the same but we did manage to have a quick mini adventure up Birkrigg Common on Saturday. Tom was itching for a walk and to be honest after a couple of indoor weeks I was too. The kids took the bubbles from their party bags with them and off we went.

It was freezing! With wind chill it was about -1 but with everyone wrapped up it wasn’t a problem (long johns on the kids are a life saver). It was fun watching the kids blowing bubbles because as they burst mid air, they were freezing and solidifying into a weird goop. The sheep were off the common so there was a lot less, “Here’s some sheep poo Mummy! Look, here’s some more” which is what we normally get.

The views over the southern fells were stunning. Despite the fact we never got any snow here, it hit the lakes and all the high fells had snow on the tops.


I am still really enjoying taking pictures on my new camera and have bobdecided to set up an Etsy shop to sell some of my photo’s as prints. The shop isn’t open yet but you can check out the facebook page which will give you an idea of the sorts of photos that will be for sale. It’s very exciting, but I am having a great time with it although like I keep saying to people, it’s easy to take take great photos when your subjects or landscapes look like they do here.

Have you had snow where you are?

Life Unexpected

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  1. Jenny says:

    Good luck with your Etsy store! You have some gorgeous photos, I especially love the snow topped hill one. We’ve had snow on our mountains too, but only sleet down here. Love the idea of bubbles in the freezing cold, must try that!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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    1. Catavich says:

      Thank you, that’s really kind of you to say. The biggest bonus of the Etsy shop is it’s an excuse (if I needed on) to get outdoors ^_^


  2. chloelifeunexpected says:

    I am so jealous! We never, ever get snow where we are. Cornwall always seems to be that much warmer than everywhere else in the UK. Wow that’s amazing that the bubbles reacted to the cold that much! I really need to go somewhere a bit colder for a stay cation so we can have a play. What a beautiful place to go to as well! Thank you so, so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx


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