A sunset not to be missed…

We noticed the other day that the sky was looking spectacular.

There was a lot of low 10494597_10153049949875213_8429887704065702636_nlying cloud over the fells and the sky was clearly split between bright blue and thick white cloud. We went to the supermarket to get the last few bits of the day and when we came out, the sunset was spectacular. I’d picked us all up a little treat from the shop and we decided to head up to Birkrigg Common to watch the mist roll in and eat our chocolate.

The sheep were out which is always a novelty for the kids. This was a very mini adventure, maybe it should be referred to a micro adventure, but the kids are still talking about seeing the windmills disappear in the mist, so I would say it was definitely worth the little detour.

Sometimes you have to be a little opportunistic with your mini (or micro) adventures, and it might even mean changing plans slightly but that’s why I think they are so great, they usually fit in around you, taking half an hour or less.

12193390_10153049950135213_4725840539756798396_nΒ  12193726_10153049951480213_1934633230382652463_n10174858_10153049950890213_3891382338217528128_n


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