Anchors away! Well, sort of…

On Saturday after a quick trip to the shops and an indoor play area (sigh) I decided I needed we all needed some fresh air so we went down to the canal where the canal 12038119_10153041369025213_3738534321566817367_nfestival is in full swing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew for sure was that there were various anchors there, and that is exactly what we got.

Ulverston canal has lots of things claimed about it but unfortunately it isn’t the shortest, widest or the deepest canal in the UK. It is, however, exactly one mile in length and is entirely straight, ending up at the River Leven in Morecambe Bay.

It also makes for a beautiful walk.

When we got there (after a quick trip back to the car because it was in fact too cold 10649719_10153041362680213_5716890150348746963_nfor just a cardi) we spotted the first anchor and Tom declared, “We made one of these in school, so did Charlotte. We made swans with our hands and Charlotte’s is a bean stalk”. “It’s not!” replied Charlotte and an argument nearly started but was quickly diffused with the suggestion that we wander along and find out.

I love the fact that both kids have been working on this, and that the festival was already into it’s second and last week, yet neither child had thought to mention it.

There were anchors of every shape and size from all kinds of groups. All the schools were represented as well as local craft groups, the local hospice and church groups. 10174880_10153041367620213_5359801195564130449_nSome of the anchors were incredibly elaborate, some were much more simple. There was poetry written by some of the older school children and a bucket in the pub for donations towards the friends of the canal group.

Our walk was made even better by the beautiful sunset and rainbow that we were treated to. The kids ran from one anchor to the next looking for theirs (we spotted Charlotte’s first but she refused to accept that it was hers) while me and Bob walked behind. We stopped to 12039721_10153041368795213_7038096548681091876_nlook at the cygnets and see how they had grown since our last visit but we (Bob) forgot the bread so there was no feeding today. We walked the length of the canal looking at the horses and sheep along the way before walking back (a 2 mile walk in total) and enjoying the sunset over the river.

It’s rare a trip like this goes without a hitch (even a mini adventure) but today was one of those days where everyone was in a good mood.


12046617_10153041364205213_5229746720921765647_n 12187857_10153042130720213_681019758226468912_n 12033213_10153041364690213_2880944024527009268_n

Worth knowing: The canal festival is on 17th-31st October all along the canal. My suggestion would be to park at the river end and walk up and down and that way you can enjoy a meal or a drink in the Bay Horse pub at the end.

Life Unexpected

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  1. Jenny says:

    That’s hilarious that neither of them thought to tell you about making the anchors until they actually saw them! They look fantastic and a great idea to have a trail of them to find. Such gorgeous views as well!
    Thanks so much to linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 c


  2. chloelifeunexpected says:

    That’s so lovely that they helped to make the anchors! So funny that they hadn’t told you beforehand, that sounds so much like my little brothers and sisters. You must have been so proud seeing their creations on the walk. Your daughter sounds so much like my youngest sister. She never admits to her work being hers either. We think she’s just shy about it, but it’s always really good. Oh I love spotting rainbows too. They always put me in such a good mood. I’m glad you all enjoyed your walk. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx


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