A new friend…


On Friday during a play in the garden, the kids came across this little guy. Turns out he will be a Buff Ermine Moth and is currently residing in a well ventilated bug box with plenty of fresh leaves to eat. The kids are fascinated by him and it’s really got them excited and started a discussion about how caterpillars transform into moths and butterflies, something Tom had some knowledge of from school as he helped to raise some butterflies.

Things like this are a great way of not only teaching responsibility to a child (in the same way a pet does but it definitely takes up less space), but it’s a very interactive way to teach them about nature and wildlife. I’m certain we will be reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar again while we have our guest with us which will help to prepare the kids for the (hopeful) end transformation.

Bug boxes are cheap to buy and easy to find (I believe this one came from a pound shop) and can house lots of small insects. Make sure to know which insects you are collecting and always make sure the children know that the insects are just visiting, that they will always be released back into the wild, where they belong.


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