Get your kids outdoors!

We have been in Cumbria from 3 weeks now and as cheesey as it sounds, it is living up to everything we had hoped.

We are definitely spending more time together as a family. We are even able to eat a family tea together, something we wantedto do but couldn’t due to Bobs commute.

More importantly for me though, well for us, is that we are undoubtedly spending more time outside together. Having the Lake District on your doorstep is amazing. We feel very fortunate to be able to indulge our love of the outdoors. The outdoors being anything from a bug hunt in the garden to spending a day walking or a night wild camping. Sadly though, kids just aren’t spending enough time outdoors and parents are acknowledging this.

This Summer GoApe conducted a survey of 2000 parents on their childrens outdoor activity.

ShareAdventure-Survey-ResultsScreen time isn’t all bad. We often sit down as a family to watch a film, and Tommy uses the laptop and internet for homework. I am writing this at my laptop and like most people I use social media daily, but I am always concerned about how much time the kids spend in front of screens. I’m reluctant to buy a games console for the kids because I worry it will become their go to thing to do instead of playing out or exploring. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong but the evidence is there for getting kids outdoors.

It is known to improves physical and mental health and fitness levels, increases vitamin D and serotonin levels and it teaches children to be responsible for their own safety.

Active Living Research created this infographic to show the benefits of outdoor play on education:

Ordnance Survey have just started a #GetOutside campaign encouraging people of all ages to spend more time outdoors. They have people such as Steve Backshall acting as Get Outside Champions and are asking people to sign up and become a champion themselves.

It’s a great campaign, definitely worth having a read about and might just inspire you to get your boots on and go for a wander.

Don’t forget: We’re are taking part in the Countryfile Ramble for Children in Need. It’s more of a challenge for the kids as we have chosen Loughrigg Fell to do a 3 mile walk up and down but it’s for a very good cause. If you wish to read more about what we are doing you can do so here, likewise if you wish to sponsor us (or rather the kids) click this link.

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