Fell Foot Park…

We’re getting used to living up here now and we are constantly hearing about new places to go. While taking Tom and Charlotte to school the other day I got talking to one of the mums, and during our chat she mentioned Fell Foot park as a good day out. When I got home I looked it up and sure enough found out it was right up 12003893_10152990644250213_2342938494341993148_nour street. More errands first thing, but straight after, picnic supplies were picked up and off we went.

Fell Foot is a National Trust park near the South tip of Windermere, so not too far from our house. We were a bit shocked by the car parking prices (NT places are usually quite pricey, but you do get what you pay for) as they seemed higher than normal, however the volunteers in the car park were very helpful and gave us change for the meter and maps. There are toilets in the car park too which as you know is a massive plus if you have little kids.

We headed towards the lake and got lucky as a group were just leaving one of the few picnic tables on the lakeside. We unpacked the food and within seconds we were surrounded by ducks, much to the kid’s amusement. I’m not sure who ate 12036902_10152990645515213_5436744555054884374_nmore of her sandwich, Charlotte or the duck she befriended.

After lunch we headed for the pier and shop. We were looking for a bin, but I also wanted a quick look inside the shop too. Tom started kicking off because he didn’t want to go that way, he wanted to go straight to the park and Charlotte was winding him up. Reassured by Bob that he’d keep them outside I went in. I was enjoying having a bit of a nosey at all the bits and bobs when I heard a mighty scream from Charlotte.

Well it was nice while it lasted.12038070_10152990644320213_5623494222462151997_n

She had fallen off a wall and hurt her leg. Not sure whether it would be worth it, we decided to plod on and go for a walk in the meadow.

We followed the path along the river into some open land until we reached a gate. On the other side was a large hilly area. The kid’s thought it was great and “forgetting” her leg was sore both Charlotte and Tommy ran off.

11998828_10152990644740213_6450307143355421763_nAs we walked around we spotted that there was a lot of fruit growing wildly around. Bob had a few blackberries before we had the great idea of taking the lid off a water bottle and filling it with the few ripe berries dotted around. There were some elderberries and apples too, but they weren’t ready.

Our walk eventually brought us to the lakeside and we found a spot for the kids to have a paddle and, of course, throw some stones. Waving to rowing boats and 12002910_10152990645660213_3679823368634305594_ncanoes that passed, the kids paddles and dared each other to go deeper into the lake (fortunately neither of them took up the challenge). We stayed there for about half an hour before continuing our walk.

Just before leaving the meadow we ended up at the top of a hill, a perfect hill for rolling down!

The kids rolled down a couple of times veering off to the side as usual, when Bob thought he would show them how it was 12006347_10152990645900213_4912011562112274182_ndone. He went down (forgetting he had his keys in his pocket) and collapsed in a heap at the bottom. The kids took this as an opportunity to climb on him before we went to the park.

A great wooden park with everything kids could want including an aerial slide and a little wooden maze. They played for ages,  but then we needed to go

Cue Charlotte.11065841_10152990646640213_6066907902891317203_n

To be fair she was overdue for a massive tantrum and she saw fit to kick off now as we were trying to get her and Tom back to the car.

She refused to come so we tried the tactic of starting to slowly walk off, but she didn’t come. We tried reasoning with her. Nothing. We told her off and she hit back with equal frustration. There was crying and foot stamping, but when she found out there was going to be a drink and a snack at the car it stopped instantly.

Fickle minded sod.

Fun had (according to the kids):40/10.

Tantrum level: 9/10.

Worth it: It was completely worth going and I’m sure it won’t be long before we are back again.

Worth knowing: Expect to pay for the parking unless you are a NT member. There are toilets at the cafe and in the car park. You can pick up sightseeing boats and ferries from the pier too. Check the boards when you go for times and costs.

50 things achievements: 2. Roll down a really big hill, 5. Skim a stone, 9. Eat an apple from the tree (when they are ripe), 21. Pick blackberries growing in the wild, 24. Go on a walk barefoot, 25. Make a grass trumpet, 30. Hold a scary beast (lots of beetles and spiders), 31. Hunt for bugs, 33. Catch a falling leaf, and 50. Canoe down a river.

Cost: It costs around £7 for 4 hours parking (its goes up to £9 for a full day), other than that it was free. Our picnic cost about £8, but that included buying drinks and having excess at the end of the day.

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