A quick trip to Coniston…

Today we decided to go into the national park and explore a bit so we chose Coniston and headed out. Coniston is a bit special for Bob and I, we went to a 11885058_10152961493085213_4484465209538263141_nfestival there not long after we met so it holds a lot of happy memories for us both. Today was about the kids though. We set the sat nav for the Southern end of Coniston deciding to stop when we spotted a good place to park. It really didn’t take long for us to find somewhere, Brown Howe. Run by the National Trust, this is a fantastic little spot to park and cheap too! There are toilets there which is always handy when you have little kids. Between the car park and the lake is a lovely, large green grassy area which is perfect for picnics or having a paddle which is exactly what we did!

We went for a walk down the shore of the lake which was a lot of fun. The kids 11940719_10152961493220213_2161210971664678194_nreally enjoyed it as it required some scrambling, climbing over fallen trees and navigating some steep little sections along the way. Of course, they got to throw some stones too. We stopped about half a mile along and watched the boats while we had a little snack and a drink before heading back to the car.

We drove up a little further to the end of Coniston overlooked by the Old Man for an ice cream which was delicious if a little pricey but that was expected. The weather was gorgeous too which just added to a great day.

Fun had (according to the kids): Hundreds/10

Tantrum level: 6/10 when it came to buying ice-creams. Due to the cost, I didn’t want to pay for ALL the extras and apparently that just wouldn’t do.

Worth it: It was a lovely, relaxed day out and finding that little car park will be worth it’s weight in gold I’m sure so yes, definitely worth it.

Worth knowing: Not much, sometimes it’s nice to pick a spot and head to it with little or no information. There is a map at the carpark giving details of several walks in the area depending on how much time you have.

50 things achievements: 5. Skim a stone, 12. Make a trail with sticks.

Cost: The ice-cream cost about £3 on average with one extra topping.

The cost for the car parking is detailed below:

  • Up to 1 hour: £1.50
  • 2 hours: £2.50
  • Up to 4 hours: £4.50
  • All day: £6.50

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