Nainy overboard…

Tom went out for the day with his Nainy and his cousins. She thought they would 11219697_10152926942085213_3289783808927071959_n

go to Martin Mere and wanted to treat them to a canoe safari. They headed straight to it, deciding to wander round the reserve afterwards. The guides helped the kids into the canoe and then came Nainys turn…

According to my stepdad she went in too heavy and hopped into the boat. As she did, her end sank down and then bounced up sending Nainy overboard. She flapped and struggled to right herself in the water as her life vest was keeping her floating on her back.



As she was splashing (much to the kids amusement) the guide told her to put her feet on the floor.

As she did, she stood up to find the water to be only thigh deep…

Embarrassing? Yes. Funny? Very much so. This is a story the kids will be telling for years to come. My Mum saw the funny side and despite the guides trying to help the kids out, she insisted they stay in the boat and she go round anyway.

Like she said, she was already wet, and had no change of clothes anyway.


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