Going solo for a Summer break…

This year we struggled to get organised in time and so we never quite managed a Summer holiday like we had planned. We were going to go to Anglesey for a few days, then camp in Snowdonia, go up the mountain for my husbands birthday, and then finish back on Anglesey.


However, due to lack of holiday time left because of my husbands new job, it all fell through. Fortunately I had the time and we are very fortunate that my dad has a holiday home on Anglesey so me and the kids joined him for a few days while Bob stayed home and worked.

I love Anglesey. I love how sparse it is. I love 10452431_10152906310555213_8713442813549590462_nhow rugged but accessible the beaches are. I love that I can’t get a mobile phone reception and that the tv signal is poor. Going there is a proper break, a break from noise and being busy.

We went for 4 days or so and the kids wanted to head straight to the local beach 11813465_10152906320610213_8214963742229162533_nbut we arrived at night so they had to wait till the morning. Their favourite thing in the world to do is to throw stones in water, whether it be lakes, rivers or the sea and so the mission on one day was to throw the biggest rocks they could find into the sea. The weather was rough but they managed it, spotting some enormous jellyfish and tiny crabs along the way. The sea was pretty choppy so we headed out onto a small cliff to watch the waves rolling in much to the delight of the little ones. There was a group of teenagers, a school holiday club at 11836910_10152906307255213_4291213980814058795_nbest guess, using floats to ride the waves. It was great fun watching them and theΒ  kids got really excited when the riders made it all the way back onto the beach. More stones thrown and we headed back indoors.

We got luckier with the weather later on in the break and me and the kids enjoyed a morning at a nearly deserted beach. I planned for them to paddle so took some croc like shoes that could get wet, but the kids had other ideas and waded in, in their clothes, stomach deep… They thought it was great, I thought it was hilarious and typically them. I love how every year they get more daring and more brave. One of the best things about parenting is watching your kids evolve, it almost makes up for the potty training, tantrums and screaming.11811377_10152906307120213_3594035848718789617_n

I recommend Anglesey to anybody who wants to get away for a few days. It might not have much in the way of amusement style attractions, but it has history, nature and wildlife by the bucket load.


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