A possible move and a no welly paddle…

My husband has got a new job so there is the possibility of a relocation rom 11822504_10152894745495213_72209522638133381_nLancashire to Cumbria, which is a dream come true for an outdoors family like ours. With this in mind, we thought we would head up to Ulverston where we would be living for a look around. We drove around for a while and spent some time in the town centre.

After we decided we had seen everything we needed to we thought we would head to up to Esthwaite for a little walk and maybe an ice-cream. We found a little beach area and walked along it. It wasn’t long before 11825020_10152894745625213_4578495990612196389_nthe kids had kicked off their trainers and were jumping in the water in their socks. Fortunately we had towels etc in the car so we weren’t too bothered. To be honest, my biggest concern was that they would hurt their feet on the roocks and stones. I love the lake district. I never fail to be wowed by the landscape, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world and I love the idea of moving our family up there. While the kids were jumping, I spotted something land 100m or so from us, a large heron. It was a real treat and the kids were very excited to see one so close up.

11752459_10152894746540213_4374635107101444653_nWe had a great day, and the kids must have been tired out because they slept most of the way home.


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