A big muddy walk and tantrums…

It’s been a good seven months since our last intentional muddy puddle day so with the weather forecast set to be wet we booked one in. We headed to Brockholes with the11011099_10152882677815213_215484396709744312_n aim of walking around the largest pit. There is so much wildlife to see as you walk around there and it worked so well the last time we figured it would be a sure thing for muddy puddles.

As soon as we told the kids they got giddy! They remembered the last time we did this and still had running around outside in their socks fresh in their minds so they were very keen on going.

We dressed them in warm, comfy clothes with their waterproofs over the top and their wellies. They could get as wet as they wanted! The rain started later than forecast, but when it came down, it came down really hard. Once they got out of the car, they were off. We walked all around the main pit coming out through the woods for the best part of a couple of hours and every single muddy puddle was jumped in. The kids were sodden. I think a pint of water in total came out of Charlotte’s wellies and not much less out of Toms. Being adults, we didn’t have our wellies on but we got caught up in the fun and were jumping in the puddles as much as the kids by the end. Thank god for the spare pair of shoes in the car! We were also using this as a way to run 11752007_10152882677565213_3440490782133702276_nsome energy off the kids. Tommy has been having a moody couple of weeks, answering back, etc and we put it down to boredom, but we were wrong. As much as he was enjoying splashing, he was also throwing mega tantrums along the route, so much so, we nearly went back to the car. Activities like these are always harder when one or both of the kids are in bad moods. They don’t listen, they get fed up and start fighting. They refuse to walk, or run off.

Despite this though, a great day was had by all of us.

Fun had (according to the kids): 42/10

Tantrum level: 7/10 Regular short bursts from Tom

Worth it: With hindsight, even though we all had a good time, we might have been better saving it until Tom was in a better mood. To do a wet and muddy day well, parents need to be relaxed (or at least we do). It goes against all the rules letting them get SO dirty and the more relaxed you can be with it, the more fun 11796311_10152882678540213_264704647713848061_nwill be had by all, but when one little one is acting up, stress levels in parents rise and it does affect the whole day. However, as a day out, muddy puddle days are definitely worth it and Brockholes is the perfect location.

Worth knowing: Check the weather forecast to make sure it’s still going to rain, otherwise you might have some very disappointed kids on your hands.

50 things achievements: 6. Run around in the rain, 13. Make a mud pie, 35. Discover what’s in  pond.

Cost: Waterproof trousers can be picked up for about £7-£10 for kids, and waterproof coats can be bought for around £25.00. If you get a 3-in-1 jacket, it will have a removable fleece inner too so the coat can be used all winter long, not just on rainy days. Brockholes is free to enter, you just pay for parking.20285_10152886227190213_3324460984046591026_n
Life Unexpected


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