Muddy socks and a LOT of laughter…

Here is a really fun thing to do with the kids if the opportunity arises.

Spent the day at home today, the kids were knackered after playing in the garden all day and having a water gun fight. The weather looked ominous so we figured it 11698584_10152842555255213_1133925184511403672_nwould be a drawing and movies day. A little before tea, the rain started. It was torrential and there was some thunder (no lightening though…Booooo!). I called the kids to the back door to look at the rain, as it really was that spectacular. They stood and watched it for a couple of minutes, waiting to see if there was any lightening when Tom started putting his hand out of the door to wet it. His arm went further out and both kids edged closer to the door. The next thing I knew Tom was outside laughing! In under 30 seconds he was soaking. I was a bit surprised but both me and Bob agreed it wouldn’t do him any harm. Charlotte was 11050782_10152842554975213_4259735801190855277_nstill stood by me and was looking up expectantly. I nodded at her and out she went. Only then did I notice that neither of them had any shoes on! Initially I was a bit apprehensive, “What if they hurt their feet?“, “What if they slip?“, the usual, but they were having so much fun we just left them to it. I have never heard so much laughing from them. Muddy puddles started appearing all over the patio and they went straight for them.

11209352_10152842555705213_954747702533826060_nAltogether they were outside for a good 20 minutes or so until their tea was ready. We had towels and pjs ready and stripped both kids off at the back door.

As a parent, it’s sometimes hard to break the rules but on occassion it has to be done. All too often I see little ones when we are outdoors who don’t like getting muddy hands, or getting dirty. I can understand the apprehension, whenever the kids are covered in mud, or wet sand or even wet cut grass my mind goes blank when it comes to cleaning them up.

I just stare at them wondering “Where on Earth do I start?”  and hoping that the drying fairy will show up and all will be well, while they just stand there dripping. After a while I relaxed about it. We live in Britain, if rain is going to stop you going out, you might as well never bother trying.

To help make things easier and reduce stress levels I’ve made a list of the things we keep handy when out for the day:

  1. A couple of small towels (handy for drying the kids or wiping away sand).
  2. A bottle of water (great for rinsing sandy feet).
  3. Carrier bags for wet clothes .
  4. Spare clothes (something comfy and warm is best).
  5. A blanket (to keep the kids warm on the way home).

If we don’t have the car, we always carry a rucksack with us that always has 11701094_10152842555115213_4229118887625012319_ndrinks (usually just water), carrier bags and spare clothes in it as well as a very small first aid kit that has come in handy quite a few times.

They seem really obvious, but if we forget one, stress levels instantly rise. By keeping these things handy there is no reason to say no to the kids when they DO want to get mucky, afterall, it’s an important and fun part of growing up. If you are prepared, it is a lot easier to relax and any anxiety you do have is less likely to be noticed by the kids.

If you are at home, it doesn’t matter so much, that’s what baths are for.

So if you get the chance, let your kids run around bare foot in the rain. It’s something they won’t forget easily and helps to teach them that it’s ok to get a bit dirty sometimes.

P.S Sorry that the photos are a bit blurry, it’s due to a mixture of rain and excited kids.
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny Eaves says:

    Aww, love the photos! they are clearly loving it out in the rain, so much fun to be had outside splashing in the puddles and the novelty of playing out in the rain with socks on is great! We keep some old towels downstairs in the kitchen to clean up on soggy wet days or muddy children (they love getting into the soil!). Well done for relaxing and going with the flow, that’s just what kids need!
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather, just tweet next week if you need any help linking up! 🙂 xx


    1. Catavich says:

      Cheers! They really did love it ^_^. I’ll definitely link up next week, thanks for all your help x


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