Confidence and climbing trees…

My son has always had a bit of a fear with heights. He wasn’t a big fan of rope bridges on playgrounds and stayed away from climbing frames, but recently he 11030995_10152831677810213_2401905856970057232_nhas set his sights on climbing a strong, well established cherry tree in our garden. Initially he was just holding on and putting his feet up for a few seconds, but as his confidence grew, he started trying to get to the next level. This has been going on for a few weeks now but now, he has managed to get into the tree by himself. He was so proud of himself and his confidence has shot up! So much so that the little boy who didn’t like rope bridges is going up climbing walls and climbing frames like there is no tomorrow.

11695823_10152831677530213_195425194646076713_nHad we not allowed him to climb the tree, his confidence may not be so high. He might still be nervous around high up equipment and he wouldn’t have experienced the joy of working at something and succeeding. It has opened up a whole new world for him and he wants to show off his new found skill to everyone he knows. I’m a very proud Mummy but more importantly, he is a very proud little boy.


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