Exporing castles…

That was great fun! We enjoyed a holiday to North Wales during the half term and what a great time we had. Picnics in the rain on top of Conway Castle, exploring neolithic ruins in Anglesey and climbing around the ruins of Dolbadarn.

It was cold and wet, just as we expected, but it didn’t matter, this was to be a true exploring trip. We visited several castles including Conway, Dolbadarn and Caernarfon and enjoyed some lovely walks. It was a make do and get on kind of trip and the kids loved every second of it (well, Charlotte wasn’t a fan of the steep stairs inside the towers, but soon figured out her best way of getting down them, on her bum). I’ll not go on and on about it but needless to say, I would highly recommend doing this with the kids while they are still young enough for it to be like a fairy tale. I think this trip is best summed up by photographs so here they are…



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