A busy weekend so a squeezed in adventure…

I had a busy weekend as I had a stall at a Vintage and Handmade Fair at the Blackpool Winter Gardens (which you can read about here if you like) and Tom had a party to go to at a lovely indoor soft play centre on Sunday so our adverturing time was very limited. Lucky for us my brother manages a pub called parkThe Running Horses in Lydiate which has a large outdoor play area at the back for little ones so we decided to head there for lunch after the party. The food was delicious as always and once their food had settled we headed outside to play.

This isn’t your normal pub play area. It has a slide and swings, but has a dedicated smaller children’s section withย  swings and rocking ride on stations, and in the main area there are larger and smaller slides with climbing frames, swings, and a mini assault course complete with zip wire!

park2I have spoken before about how Tom has been nervous before about rope bridges and things and how his confidence has come on leaps and bounds over the Summer and it was proven again on Sunday. He started strong on the chain bridge and jumped from one step to the next, skipped the monkey bars, and ran around and climbed up the logs. He got to the top and stopped. “Help Mummy” I tried to coax him round, showing him with support how to get his leg over the top to the rope but he didn’t want to do it. Gentle encouragement didn’t work so I got him down. Off he ran ready to try again. In the mean time his sister was also doing the assault course and it was her turn to climb up the logs. Off she went, got to the top, swung her leg over and froze, I guided her foot to the rope and that was it she scrambled down and went to restart. Having seen this and not to be out done, Tom returned, determined to get over the top of park3this obstacle and with a tiny bit of guidance he did it! And again, and again, and again.

It just goes to show that sometimes a little competition isn’t a bad thing. Tom didn’t want to be out done by his 2 year old sister (who has absolutely NO fear whatsoever as we saw when she threw herself down the fireman’s pole) and it helped him to push himself and he was so proud of himself when he had achieved the goal he had set himself.

Our little adventurers are getting more daring by the day, soon they will be on to big adventures!


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