Holidays abroad with little explorers…

Tallinn, Estonia

I have a confession. I have a terrible case of Wanderlust. I have had it for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to travel but like so many people I just never got around to it. My husband and I had been a couple for 4 years before we went abroad for the first time to Tallinn in Estonia. While we were away we made some decisions, one was to get married when we returned home (which we did 3 months later) and the other was to travel more which we started by booking a trip to Munich in Germany for Oktoberfest which doubled up nicely as a honeymoon, (I had also agreed to go away with my Mum on a 10 day trip to Thailand which would bring me back to the UK 4 days before flying out to Munich ). We had an amazing time and as soon as we got back, we started looking for our next adventure (vowing to return to Munich to actually visit the city-something we never managed to do during Oktoberfest as we never left the party so to speak). Within a month, I found out I was pregnant with Tom, and five months after he was born, we were expecting Charlotte so all 1933891_150236500212_7203560_nthose plans got paused for a while.We have since returned to Munich for the Christmas Markets and this year we had another couples trip away (a luxury we do not take for granted) and fulfilled a bucket list trip, we went to Iceland in January, somewhere we both really wanted to go and it didn’t disappoint. It was simply breathtaking.

However, the little ones are older now and we want them to join us on our little expeditions so we have started to look at what’s out there. We aren’t sun people. We don’t cope well in the heat, and we aren’t people who do well relaxing on a beach for a week so a regular package holiday wouldn’t work for us. As you have probably gathered by now we like the great outdoors and rather selfishly we would like to tick some places off on our wish lists too as we go so (hopefully as well as a trip to Disneyland Paris ) we have been looking at what’s available within a 2 hour flight (knowing my children, any longer and it wouldn’t be fair on them, or the other passengers) and it turns out there is loads!

There are campsites along the fjords of Western Norway, Farm holidays in the Black Forest in Germany, Log cabins you can


rent in the forests and lakes in Finland, I feel like I am spoilt for choice! I came across this post Kinderhotel‏ Oberjoch – The Best Alternative to Caribbean Resorts by a fellow blogger the other day and it got me all kinds of excited for our little family. Ideally I would like to aim for one foreign holiday and one UK short break a year (Ha! Wouldn’t we all!) and I am one of those people who is always researching new places and flight prices just in case (well you never know) but even if that doesn’t happen, you can host mini festivals at home at the same time as those abroad to get little ones in the mood and give them a little taste of the different flavours and cultures to expect. There are also lots of places in the UK that can give you a glimpse of other cultures whilst giving you a history lesson too. York for the Vikings for example, giving you a taste perhaps for the Nordic countires, or Chester to give you a taste of ancient Rome. The Western and Northern Isles of Scotland would be a great place to get a feel of the landscape of Iceland.

As our family gets older and more accustomed to travelling around, I see no limits as to where they can go, Iceland is a definite, I can’t wait to experience walking on a glacier with them, and we often joke about returning with the children for their 18ths to Oktoberfest but all the new places we can experience together too.

For now though, I’m happy looking and reading and discovering so that when we do make the leap to Outdoor Adventures Overseas, whether it’s for a long weekend, or a fortnight we’re ready for it!


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