The top 25 Greatest Simple Pleasures…

Found this while pretending to be busy on the internet, the top 25 greatest simple pleasures as found in a survey done in conjunction with Visit England. I know the clue is in the title “Simple Pleasures” but it is always nice when you see a list like this that is full of things that don’t cost a in monetary terms and mentally too. It’s nice to switch off and relax, to turn off Cbeebies or put your phone on silent and get out.

My 4 year old has just got to the age where he wants to play on our tablet/phones. Bob and I spoke about it and decided it was short sighted to say no as computers are being used more and more in primary schools and we want him to be used to them, but we also want to make sure his use is controlled (turning the wi-fi off is a must to avoid unexpected costs) especially with regards to time spent doing it. We aren’t anti-technology with our little ones, as ex-gamers we have often joked that we can’t wait till the little ones are old enough to play World of Warcraft and we can all raid together! I just don’t want the simple things to be ignored either. Anyway he doesn’t use it daily, maybe a couple of times a week, but I have noticed he only asks to use it when we’re at home, never when we are out and about and that tells me something important. The outdoors trumps the tablet.

There are lots of lists we’re told we must do, the Top 10 must see places, Top 5 must see bands, Top 20 must see festivals,

Kids splashing around in Ullswater
Kids splashing around in Ullswater

Top 100 films to see before you die! A lot of these are secretly used to see how cool we are compared to our friends but this one, like the National Trusts 50 things list is purely for you to experience (or to watch your little ones experience).

The locations don’t have to be exact (although chippy tea in the wind in blackpool is more realistic and the weather might not be enjoyable at the time, you’ll laugh about it years later and the chips will taste amazing!), and neither do the experiences as such. Picnics are a often a Summer endeavour and so Windermere might not be the best choice if peace and quiet is what you want, try one of the less busy lakes like Ullswater or Coniston, but it is certainly worth a visit for it’s stunning views.

These are however lovely things to do, especially with your family! They inspire conversations and create great memories that will never be forgotten. I will never forget the afternoon me and my little family spent splashing around and throwing stones in Ullswater lake in the pouring rain on holiday. I remember walking along the prom with my family, usually around tea time from when I was about 5 watching the waves crashing against the walls in ferocious wind. It’s time spent that children hold on to and that’s the wonderful thing about getting outdoors as a family. There are no distractions (usually no mobile or internet signal), there’s nobody around to watch you get a bit silly and daft and if you are hill walking etc you all achieve something together (and with a photo at the top, there is a reminder off that achievement on your mantlepiece).

The top 25 simple pleasures as listed in the Daily Telegraph

1. Enjoying a fish supper on Blackpool Pier, Lancashire

2. Indulging in afternoon tea, Devon

3. Picnicking on the shores of Windermere in the Lake District, Cumbria

4. Rock-pooling in Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall

5. Camping in the New Forest, Hampshire

6. Marvelling at Stonehenge, Wiltshire

7. Getting lost in the maze at Hampton Court Palace, Greater London

8. Taking a stroll beside Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland and Cumbria

9. Boating day out on the Broads, Norfolk and Suffolk

10. Watching the puffins on the Farne Islands, Northumberland

11. Stargazing in Exmoor National Park, Somerset and Devon

12. Taking in the vista from the peaks at the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire

13. Trying to make the Queen’s Guard laugh at Buckingham Palace

14. Watching the changing of the Guards at Windsor Castle, Berkshire

15. Fossil-hunting on Brook Beach, Isle of Wight

16. Exploring the famous White Cliffs of Dover

17. Playing Pooh Sticks at 100 Acre Wood, East Sussex

18. Rolling down the hills around Corfe Castle, Dorset

19. Visiting a honey farm in Devon

20. Skimming stones at Holy Island, Lindisfarne, Northumberland

21. Picking blackberries on Box Hill, Surrey

22. Riding a narrow boat through the canal ways, Birmingham

23. Taking in the grandeur of Chatsworth House from the park, Chatsworth, Derbyshire

24. Seeking out the deer at Richmond Park, London

25. Admiring Bamburgh Castle from the beach, Northumberland


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