More bargains…

The pack away trousers we bought for Tom were fantastic while we were away, so much so we headed back to Mountain chazWarehouse today to pick some up for Charlotte as they start at 2-3 years which is fantastic! While we were there I spotted a 3-in-1 jacket for her (waterproof with zip out fleece) reduced from £49.99 to £14.99 which we picked up and a similar coat for Tom reduced from £59.99 to £24.99. They are nice and bright for high visibility but also really practical. We got them a size up to get as much wear out of them as possible.

If you are wondering about getting your little ones out and about in Autumn and Winter but worried about the practicalities of dressing them with regards to the weather whilst remaining on a budget then I would definitely recommend having a look in their sale. They start from 2 years (a lot of “outdoor” brands start at 4+) and you can even get walking boots from a size 6 for £5.99 (were £25.99). There are some great deals too on winter hats and glove sets. We’ve bought quite a few bits and pieces from there before and we have never been let down. In adults they go up to a XXXL in mens and size 22 in ladies clothes as well.

Edit: I noticed a tear in the elasticated part of the detachable hood of Tom’s coat so contact MW via Twitter who put me in touch with the customer care team via email. They in turn told me to head in store with the coat so they could check the damage to make sure it was faulty and to exchange it. They didn’t have the coat in stock so the staff member contacted local stores to find one that did and got them to put the coat aside for us. The next day we drove down and picked it up, no problem. Brilliant, quick customer service!


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