Exploring Anglesey… Day 3 Holyhead

This was the lazy day of our holiday. We took the kids down to seethe big boats and ships in Holyhead, something Tom had 1453312_10152194267360213_8286379001214856418_nbeen looking forward to and we came across a shale beach near the Maritime museum. It was raining but everyone was wearing waterproof coats and we tend to have a little saying in our family

“You can only get so wet!”

So we found our way down which meant snaking round the outside of the museum and onto the beach. It was skimming stone heaven. Tom threw stones with his Dad while Charlotte was more interested in having a paddle with me. The first wave that came in went straight over the top of her wellies so we weren’t too precious after that. The water was crystal clear and there were shells everywhere, lovely specimens if your little ones like shell collecting, but mine aren’t interested. After a while we headed into the nearest cafe (situated behind the maritime museum) and had a drink before heading back for lunch.

10583956_10152194267260213_507524155627781773_nAfter lunch we went for a walk with my Dad and Step Mum and their dog to the local woods. I was expecting small woods, like the ones at the back of our house, but these were much bigger. There was lots for the kids to see and do and they started collecting leaves to check against theirΒ Wildlife Explorer books (and in Charlotte’s case eat blackberries). There were paths and trails to follow and ponds to look in and even old buildings dotted about. We saw lots of wildlife including this Robin who I am guessing was stunned as he was more than happy to allow us to get within a metre or so of him. This time it was my turn to spoil things. I needed the bathroom and unfortunately the ones at the woods were closed so me and Bob headed to a nearby supermarket while the kids carried on round the peninsula with my Dad, Step Mum and Lily the dog. We met back around near the start and headed back.

Fun had (according to the kids): 20/10

Tantrum level: 0/10 None worth remembering

Worth it: For sure!

Worth knowing: Parking for the Maritime museum and shale beach was free but only small. Parking for the woods was free and there was a burger van there where you can buy food and hot and cold drinks.

50 things achievements: 21. Pick blackberries growing in the wild

Cost: Β£6 for drink in the cafe


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