Exploring Anglesey… Day 1: The Great Orme, Llandudno

We went to Trearddur Bay on Anglesey for a long weekend a couple of weeks ago this year and had a great time, overall. Tom is being a bit overly dramatic at the moment and so every little thing is causing earth shattering tantrums and Charlotte is being as defiant as ever and is thoroughly enjoying Toms new ability to be wound up by the smallest thing and using it to her full advantage. This has been the case for a few weeks but I argued it’s because they were bored and once we were there and out and about they would be fine.1610782_10152195050920213_8281442512781947135_n

We set off early with a picnic ready made and a plan to have lunch on the top of The Great Orme. I grew up in Colwyn Bay, a little round the corner from Llandudno and I have many happy memories of the Orme and thought this would be a great break point on our way to Anglesey and let the kids get out of the car and stretch their legs. They could play on the park and maybe hunt for a fossil or two.

Charlotte slept for most of the drive and Tom was entertained with a dvd in the back (on our tablet held up in a plastic ring binder pocket and a shoe lace – no need for expensive DVD players) and looking at castles and sights out of the windows when it finished. We got to Llandudno and circled up the Orme up Marine Drive much to Tom’s delight as the view on his side was of the pier, and the ocean.

10559912_10152195051505213_8076019799851648725_nLunch was had and all was going well. A week or so before, my Mum had signed the kids up to be members of the RSPB Wildlife Explorers and they got a book which they were both very excited about because it gave them a list of things to look for (plants, insects and trees) and stickers to mark them off with. So armed with their books they had a look to see if any of the wild flowers were in their books, they weren’t. We’re also doing the National Trusts 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4.

We got ice creams and walked the short walk to the Bishops Quarry where fossils can be found with very little work. This is where it started to go wrong. After a few minutes, Charlotte fell and banged her knee. She came over to me and although she hadn’t broken the skin, a plaster was needed (always carry a couple on me just in case) to calm her down and make it better. From this point on she needed carrying, until we got back up the hill to the park of course!

They played for a while on the park (which has grown a lot since I was little) and as time was getting on, we told them we had to go. Me and Tom started walking back to the toilets and my husband and Charlotte followed kicking and screaming (her not him). I had a wrist brace on so I took Tom to the loo (who manages by himself) and he took Charlotte (as she needed physically lifting). We could hear the screaming from the ladies… Charlotte had gone full tantrum! Full refusal to co-operate was in full swing, an audience was acquired and her will had been made known, she did NOT want to leave! A stern word or two to her (an expletive to ourselves) and about half an hour later we got her back to the car and strapped in. 15 minutes later and the crying had subsided somewhat and they were both busy looking at Conwy castle as we drove all the way through it due to a wrong turn. 10308056_10152194267950213_2884550540730077777_nWe got to Trearddur Bay about an hour and a half afterwards, just enough time to go to the supermarket and get some bits for tea before heading to the bungalow. They both slept well that night. It was great watching the kids get excited about hearing crickets and seeing how high up they were. They loved watching the tram and seeing the cable cars. A great start to a fun weekend. Tantrums are expected, this was a particularly impressive one.

Fun had (according to kids):8/10

Tantrum level: 7/10

Worth it? Despite the 45 minute tantrum, one bruised knee and all kinds of tiredness, definitely worth it! Everyone had an (overall) wonderful day!

Worth knowing: If you can’t afford the tram or cable car, and aren’t up to the walk (it’s hard on little legs) the toll cost to drive up to the top of the Orme is only £2.50 and includes your parking. Toilets are free and there is a nice visitor centre there too so all in all a nice cheap day out

50 things achievements: 26. Hunt for fossils and bones

Cost: £5.50 for toll and ice-creams


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