Just like Daddy…

I had to nip into town to get some last minute bits for our holiday and had Tom with me. I was looking for a splash suit for him,20140819_111050 something light weight for going in rivers in but I wasn’t happy with what I found. I had joked with Bob the night before that you never saw over the top waterproof trousers any more. Apparently I just hadn’t been looking as a quick trip to Mountain Warehouse proved me wrong. I picked up a pair of pack away ones (a great novelty for Tom) for £8.99. While we were there Tom spotted the metal drinking water bottles, something his Dad uses all the time, even around the house. “Mummy I want one of these to be like Daddy can I have one please?” I saw some half size ones and thought about it. It could be fun for him to have his own little camping bottle to drink from when we’re out in the woods, maybe he could have his own little bag too like his Daddy’s? His eyes lit up! We found some small rucksacks (Mini Trek 6 litre) for £6.99 which is the perfect size for him. He wanted it on straight away. He loved that it had mesh pockets for his newly acquired drinking bottle just like his Dads! “I can carry Charlotte’s drinks too!” The bag is perfect for his little Wildlife Explorer book, magnifying glass, snack and drink. Our last stop was Wilko’s for some boring household stuff when I spotted some kids binoculars in a basket stand. I picked up two pairs for £3 each and surprised the kids with them when we got home. They now live in the back pack. Tom tells me he feels like a proper little explorer now and his little bits and pieces seem to have given him some extra confidence which is fantastic! He can’t wait to take it on holiday with him!


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